~About Forever Metal~

·First off all forevermetal.net is a catalog of materials, hosted on several servers of serveral one click file hosters such as rapidshare.com. Aim of this project is to gather links about Metal Music spread all over the net in one single place and to structurize them in a user-friendly way. All links get checked to make everything even more comfortable!. For any questions you might have (TECHs. ADs, ETc) contact us

·Also album requests, broken link reports, wrong content reports etc..  are welcome. You can use our magnificent Contact Form

·Like SOAD, COF, Slipknot, Metallica, Therion, Theatres des Wampires, Eldrig and other shitbag-gay-related groups are not welcome. So if you send an album request think twice.. Only “True Metal” album requests are welcome.

·If a problem occurs about copyrights, before appeal to laws pls inform us.

·Use files at your own risk.

·Don’t grab all things from Internet. Someday go and buy your best-bands’ materials. Also do not donate, pay to money begging shits for mp3.

·Who cares rules..


·All archived files are protected by a password. All rar passwords are : www.forevermetal.net

·Subgenres are included in main categories.

Black Metal : Black/Melodic Black/Symphonic Black/Pagan Black/Raw Black/Depressive Black/NS Black Metal etc.
Death Metal : Death/Brutal Death/Melodic Death/Technical Death Metal and some Grindcore/Goregrind/Porngrind/Cybergrind etc.
Doom/Gothic Metal : Doom/Funeral Doom/Atmospheric Doom/Epic Doom/Sludge Doom/Stoner Doom/Gothic Metal and some Black/Funeral Doom etc.
Heavy/Thrash Metal : Heavy/Speed/Power/NWOBH Metal and other hair bands…
Pagan/Folk Metal : Only Pagan/Folk and Viking Metal etc.
Ambient/Atmospheric : Ambient/Atmospheric : Ambient/Dark Ambient/Darkwave/Atmospheric//Neo-classical/Darkfolk/Neofolk/Noise etc.
Other Shits : If we confused about which genre that band makes then we call it’s category as other shit.  e.g. “claustrophobic hyper-fast brutal screamy doom groomy death” are kind of other shits.


Wildcards are supported through a * :
forever* This will find all words that start with “forever”.

Words can marked as required or not required using + and - :
+metal : the word ‘metal’ must exist. -metal : the word ‘metal’ must not exist

An exact phrase can be included by wrapping the phrase in quotes :
‘forever metal’ : this will search only “forever metal” not ‘forever’ and ‘metal’

Logical inclusion also works :
forever AND metal = +forever +metal (Here both forever and metal must exist.)

~About Uploaders~

If needed you can use that informations about uploaders

Admin : admin[at]forevermetal.net
Dark : dark[at]forevermetal.net
Chaos : chaos[at]forevermetal.net
Demortuus : panquecadequeijo[at]hotmail.com (Brazil)
Noctum218 : zozkiacvltvs[at]hotmail.com (Mexico)
Endless Solitude : abysmal__sorrow[at]hotmail.com (Mexico)

~Working With Us~

·Working with us doesn’t give any career to you. But if you want to contribute ”Forever Metal” send us your words via our magnificent Contact Form

Special thanks to;
Scymenia, orion, misery, gri
Aterdeus, Lestat, Diabolus
and all contributors.