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302 Responses to “Request/Report”

  1. Black666 Says:

    Please, I need the pass from LEGION_OF_DOOM_-_God_Is_Dead,

  2. Admin Says:

    As the Orders say;
    ·All archived files are protected by a password. All rar passwords are : w w w . f o r e v e r m e t a l . n e t (without blanks)

  3. michael Says:


  4. sa123 Says:

    Please, Hell Militia – Canonisation of the foul spirit

  5. Admin Says:

    You can follow the link;

  6. sa123 Says:

    great, thank you very much

  7. Noctum 218 Says:

    Anyone have the demo of Total Self Hatred?

  8. Admin Says:

    I hope this one is your request.Tracks were .wma and we encoded to .mp3 format.So the rar file is bigger.You can get it;

  9. Noctum 218 Says:

    Wow, fantastic brother! how can i upload an album to your database?

  10. Noctum 218 Says:

    Anything of Triste (usa) please.

  11. Admin Says:

    Thanks bro, no need to help for uploading but we need your suggestions like Triste & Totalselfhatred etc.
    Triste – Demo 2005 :
    Triste – V – 2006 :
    Really depressive stuffs.Thanks again.

  12. Noctum 218 Says:

    Ok, here is one difficult: Endless Journeys of The True Werwolf.

  13. Noctum 218 Says:

    ..Godüs- i am the catacombs
    Cryfemal-Apoteosis Oculta

  14. Admin Says:

    hard and unobtainable albums.

  15. Admin Says:

    Hey bro, one for you;

  16. Noctum 218 Says:

    Holy sh**t you are amazing! hehe well i have another one: Arkhon Infaustus–Orthodoxyn

  17. Doommaker666 Says:

    i’m looking for

    Negativity – Dawn of Eternal Darkness (2006)

    Grotte – Solitude (2006)

  18. Admin Says:

    yah man, i’am looking for Grotte is one of the rare albums.
    Arkhon Infaustus;
    sorry for the second part but it includes artworks about 20 mb.

  19. Doommaker666 Says:

    any luck with the negativity album…???

    also if u could post any of these it would be really gr8…

    Hidden In The Fog – Abstract Maelstrom Paragon (2003)

    Fog – Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres (2006)

    Demonizer – Thrashing Force…Attack ( 2003)
    Demonizer – The Essence of War (2005)

    Grabak – Der Prophet Des Chaos (1999)
    Grabak – The Serpent within Paradise (2003)

    Asylum Phenomena – Requiem for Humanity (2001)

  20. Admin Says:

    We try for all of these bro, especially Negativity.I have 2 tracks from Grotte – Solitude album but it is not full. If you get these tracks we can upload and mail for you.
    Asylum Phenomena – Requiem For Humanity – 2001;

  21. Noctum 218 Says:

    Hail brother! thanks for the Arkhon Infaustus album!

  22. Doommaker666 Says:

    thanx man!!….i actually wanted the whole grotte album…so post it when u find the whole album

    i really appreciate ur effort bro…hailz!!

  23. Admin Says:

    Oka bro.
    Hidden In The Fog – Abstract Maelstrom Paragon;

  24. Noctum 218 Says:

    mmm a good one bro, theory 0 of Ad hominem.

  25. Noctum 218 Says:

    Hehehe please crushing the holy trinity: holy spirit (mgla and exordium)

  26. Admin Says:

    yah bro, i am looking for Theory 0 a long time but i didn’t find it, damned.Now, i am uploading Crushing The Holy Trinity.

  27. Admin Says:

    VA – Crushing The Holy Trinity ”Holy Spirit” (Mgla & Exordium) – 2005 ;

  28. Noctum 218 Says:

    Damn i am not sure if Theory 0 is relased! haha well bro thanks a lot again.
    Are you sure about help uploading?

  29. Vampyrewaltz Says:

    what is the password for 1,000 Funerals Portrait of a Dream?
    thank you very much!

    Dark Greetings from Philippines!

  30. Pebbe Says:

    Hello, would like to download Peste Noire “Mors Orbis Terrarum” .

  31. Doommaker666 Says:

    can u post these albums by Abhor (Italy) —>>>

    Nequaquam Vacuum: Beginning Of The Great Opera {2000}
    I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra {2000}
    Vocat Spiritum Morti {2004}
    Vehementia {2005}
    In Nostrum Maleficium {2007}

  32. Admin Says:

    I know bro, our steps are slow.The project aims to be slow and careful.Thanks again about uploading Noctum, I hope we use a forum for this requests so we can create another sharing zone, we can be faster and everbody inclusions it.

  33. Admin Says:

    Hail Pebbe, welcome to The Legion.

    Peste Noire – Mors Orbis Terrarum – 2007 ;

  34. Admin Says:

    some of Abhor for Doommaker.

    Abhor – Vehementia – 2005

    Abhor – Nequaquam Vacuum: Beginning Of The Great Opera – 2000

    Abhor – I.gne N.atura R.enovatur I.ntegra – 2000

  35. Doommaker666 Says:

    thanx a lot man!!!

  36. David Says:

    the best the best page in all internet, i like me, thx dudes for this page.

  37. Noctum 218 Says:

    Ok bro! Please i know is difficult but you have the demo of Omega 218?

  38. Noctum 218 Says:

    mmmm something of miasma (can)?

  39. Noctum 218 Says:

    or…anything of secrets of the moon or mortuus

  40. Admin Says:

    you can search some of secrets of the moon bro, but i don’t have the others.

  41. Doommaker666 Says:

    i have mortuus….

    Mortuus – De Contemplanda Morte (2007)

  42. Doommaker666 Says:

    Miasma – Spirit Death (2007)

    admin plz upload these two on forevermetal…

    btw i’m lookin for

    Rok – Burning Metal (2001)
    Barathrum – Infernal (1996)
    Koldbrann – Moribund (2006)
    Suicidal Winds – Victims In Blood (2001)
    Suicidal Winds – Rarities (2004)
    Suicidal Winds – Wrath Of God (2004)

  43. Doommaker666 Says:

    another one for Noctum.

    Secrets of the Moon – Antithesis (2006)

    upload on forevermetal plz!

  44. Admin Says:

    Thanks man for the links, i am uploading Infernal of Barathrum now.

  45. Doommaker666 Says:

    for more black metal stuff visit my board…

  46. Doommaker666 Says:

    also lookin for

    Goatsblood – Drull (2003)

  47. Admin Says:

    Barathrum – Infernal;
    and now uploading Moribund of Koldbrann.

  48. Admin Says:

    Koldbrann – Moribund;
    and now Suicidal Winds – Victims In Blood.

  49. Doommaker666 Says:

    thanx a lot bro…r these password protected…???

  50. Admin Says:

    Suicidal Winds – Wictims In Blood;

  51. Noctum218 Says:

    Thanks to Admin and Doommaker! I will upload soon something hehe.

  52. Admin Says:

    Yah bro, all rar files are protected.

  53. Admin Says:

    and Suicidal Winds – Wrath of God;

  54. Doommaker666 Says:

    hey admin do u have the GOATSBLOOD and ROK album i mentioned above….??

    looking for —>>>

    Necrogrim – Necrogrim (2006)
    Satanizer – Throne Of All Plagues (2007)
    Shadowcraft – A Nightful Of Shadows (Demo) (2006)
    Abitbollus – De Mysteriis Don Camillo (2003)
    Beastcraft – Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen (2007)

  55. Admin Says:

    Don’t worry, We are looking for all requests.You know man, If i can obtain an album on this page i will be post it.Anyone doesn’t have to find that album on the same day.

  56. Doommaker666 Says:

    ya bro…sorry for pestering u guys….thanx!

  57. Admin Says:

    Hey nevermind. We like to hear yr words and suggestions. Really nevermind, be cool and cheers..

    and errr..emm..eeee… is coming soon.. so we need new moderators maybe admins for that forum thing. If you like these “adjectives” just let us know. we will be glad to see you moderating our forums.. So for album sharing (i mean uploading some files or finding some good links) you can use our forums. Take a look at and continue saying yr words on there. All suggestions/advices are welcome.

  58. Noctum 218 Says:

    Good! the forum is coming. Thanks for the albums and the support, by the way im going to make propaganda of my group if you want..hehe or, you can also download our demos and if you want admin, upload to that will be a honour.

  59. Noctum 218 Says:

    please bro:

    Funeral Mist–Salvation (2003)
    Negative Plane – Et In Saecula Saeculorum (2006)
    Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatvm–Path to Yirah

    Please brother!

  60. Admin Says:

    If it is posssible to upload all of your releases to that will be an honour for us too.
    So, now we are listening your releases bro and hailz you.Sound is fucking great. lol.Now, you win a place on our incoming section “Propagandas” .Cheers.

  61. Admin Says:

    I have Negative Plane.It’s ready wthin one hour.

  62. Noctum 218 Says:

    Wow thanks brother! Thank you very much borther!

  63. Noctum 218 Says:

    Btw we only have 2 albums the demo of 2004 and a live album from 2006, both came in a auto-exe file. from this link–Package__07.exe.html and both are without password, so upload it to your mighty web!

  64. Admin Says:

    Negative Plane – Et In Saecula Saeculorum (2006)
    i will start uploading Funeral Mist – Salvation (2003) after ten minutes. As you see we are developing search system.

  65. Noctum 218 Says:

    Ok bro, but now im go home…ill read you until the monday, so have a great day bro.
    Hail 218!

  66. beletty Says:

    I know this is pretty much fucking impossible to find, but…
    Mors Atra – [2000] – Mors Atra
    Thank you.

  67. Doommaker666 Says:

    it would be a peeasure being an admin/mod on ur forum bro…

  68. Admin Says:

    Yah bro, everything will be ready within two days about forum.Also you can get The Serpent within Paradise of Grabak;

  69. Doommaker666 Says:


  70. Admin Says:

    two albums of Goatsblood;

  71. Admin Says:

    Hail beletty, welcome to the Legion.
    Mors Atra – Mors Atra – 2000;

  72. Doommaker666 Says:

    thanx for goatsblood!

  73. Doommaker666 Says:

    i didn’t see blacklodge here…so here r the links…plz upload admin!

    Blacklodge – Solarkult (2006)

    Blacklodge – Login:SataN (2003)

  74. Doommaker666 Says:

    following albums by Vulture Lord (Norway) —>>>

    Deathfuck (1999)
    Profane Prayer (2003)
    Blasphemy (EP) (2006)
    Desecration (2006)

  75. Pebbe Says:

    this would be sweet. Mütiilation/Drowning the Light/Satanic Warmaster split LP (limited-100)


  76. MIR Says:


  77. Admin Says:

    Comments and requests are closed.. You can continue sending requests/wishes/etc.. on our forums. So go there and be a member of legion.

    and something about “new searching system” :

    Wildcards are supported through a *:
    forever* This will find all words that start with “forever”.

    Words can marked as required or not required using + and - :
    +metal : the word ‘metal’ must exist. -metal : the word ‘metal’ must not exist

    An exact phrase can be included by wrapping the phrase in quotes :
    ‘forever metal’ : this will search only “forever metal” not ‘forever’ and ‘metal’

    Logical inclusion also works :
    forever AND metal = +forever +metal (Here both forever and metal must exist.)

  78. Admin Says:

    We thought “forum thing” sucks. so u can continue sending requests/wishes/etc.. here.

  79. LordZombeast Says:

    Hi there, I didn’t read the request page before asking you about password, I got it no pb!
    I have a request:
    looking for Maleficarum (ita) Under The Cross CD 2002 if someone can help…
    Thanx in advance!

  80. Demortuus Says:

    heil warriors
    this site is EXCELENT, before all!!!
    so, i have a request: Hordes of the Darklands of the band Paragon Belial
    very great work here

    a thanks of Brazil

  81. Admin Says:

    Hail bros, I have one of them;

    Paragon Belial – Hordes of the Darklands

  82. Demortuus Says:

    wooowww mann

    very thanks!!!
    i was searching this for so long…
    thanks admin

  83. cnord Says:

    Password for Jarovit doesn’t work. What’s the problem

  84. Demortuus Says:

    hi again bro

    this is a very hard one… i have only some musics of this album
    Anally Raped by Satan – Dimensions of Horror

  85. Demortuus Says:

    and i have a suggestion that all here will like, maybe

    De Magia Veterum – Spikes Through Eyes
    this album is free to download on this link:

    are some others too, of the same band

  86. Admin Says:

    Thanks bro for your suggestion Demortuus, I will upload to database soon.
    Hail cnord, password is working for Jarovit.I have any problem about this.

  87. Noctum 218 Says:

    I preffer also the classic style.
    My request of the day is:
    Pest (swe)-Evil Return (2006)

  88. Noctum 218 Says:

    Thanks Again bro!
    Well what about, Averse Sefira – Tetragrammatical Astygmata.

  89. Admin Says:

    Hail again bro,

  90. Noctum 218 Says:

    Hail and Thanks man!
    Please Secrets of the Moon – Carved in Stigmata Wounds!

  91. Admin Says:

  92. Noctum 218 Says:

    hmmm im an idiot it was already on the database, sorry admin.

  93. Demortuus Says:

    hi again bros!!

    here is a difficult one…
    Ariel N’ Caliban – Your Last Minute
    very thanks admin, and all who contribute here!

  94. Demortuus Says:

    downloading from – Grand Belial’s Key – Mocking The Philanthropist – 1997

  95. Noctum 218 Says:

    Hey bro one for your database is form my solo band called E.O.R, please upload it to your great web bro.–

  96. alaster crowley Says:

    Please use the demo of the band mutiilation Rehearsal Demo, 1992 and
    Rites Through Hell with the Twilight of the key download.
    Thank you.

  97. Endless Solitude Says:

    Hey! please! can you post the Dysterhet’s demo?

    Thanks and a great page with great bands!

    Take care

  98. Admin Says:

    Hail alaster crowley, I hope, you are talking about these bros;

  99. Admin Says:

    Hail Endless Solitude, your request was on the database.really good choice, can follow the link;

  100. Admin Says:

    Hail Noctum, thanks for your great stuff bro, this is honour again for us.

  101. Noctum 218 Says:

    The honour is all mine bro, when the demo of my other band is released ill put it too man.

  102. Noctum 218 Says:

    MMM this one bro please Throne of Katarsis–An Eternal Dark Horizon

  103. Noctum 218 Says:

    and this one No Colours Records – 15 Years Jubileum Compilation

  104. Likbål Says:

    not so hard, but most appreciated:

    nagelfar – virus west
    nagelfar – srontgorrth
    nagelfar – huenengrab im herbst

    tack så mycket/thanks a lot.

  105. morgan Says:

    Italy Atmospheric Medieval/Folk Black Metal
    Tower Of The Necromancer EP – 2000
    Dies Irae – 2001


  106. Admin Says:

    Hail Likbål, thanks for your advice, I will be added some of Nagelfar on the database soon.

  107. Admin Says:

    Hail Noctum, you can get it bro,
    I want to ask you about your solo project that called E.O.R… This album is released bro? If it is not released, I can say that you are famous on the net.haha.I saw your stuff another sharing pages after we posted here bro.cheers.

  108. morgan Says:

    grup = Evol

  109. Endless Solitude Says:

    Oh shit! i’m a idiot
    I had not seen!, But now I will have the pleasure to hear!
    Thank you brother!
    And I would like to ask another request!
    You can get a CD wrath of passion?

    Thanks you very much for the dysterhet’s demo

  110. Demortuus Says:

    hey admin

    please Flesh Grinder – Anatomy and Surgery

    very thanks

  111. Demortuus Says:

    and Great Vast Forest – Battletales of Song and Steel

  112. Admin Says:

    I am under attack of rare albums today.Firstly thanks for each one;

    Hail morgan, this one is for you;
    Evol (Ita) – Dies Irae – 2001
    and I will upload other albums of Evol soon.

    Hail Endless Solitude;
    I hope this is true one.If it is not, please write something about your request.
    Wrath Passion – Careful Saint – 2007 (Promo)

    Hail Demortuus;
    Great Vast Forest – Where the Warriors Ride… – 1999 – Demo…_-_1999_-_Demo.rar
    Great Vast Forest – Battletales and Songs Of Steel – 2002
    Great Vast Forest – Blood of Wolves – 2006
    Flesh Grinder – Anatomy & Surgery – 1997

  113. Predator Says:

    Hi, I search for the “042103Freitod” Demo by Farsot.

  114. Demortuus Says:

    Admin, i don’t know how to thanks you!

    very fucking good thanks to you man!!! this site is excelent!!!

  115. morgan Says:

    thank you…

  116. Noctum 218 Says:

    Tha nks for the Throne of Katarsis Stuff bro.
    About W.A.R haha damn its not released really is famous hehe?
    Thanks man and about hard albums..once again Godüs–I am the Catacombs.

  117. Endless Solitude Says:

    Yes bro, this is the wrath passion’s promo!
    Thanks a lot.
    can i help you with something?

    i have another request…
    can you search skumring?
    A German black metal band and they only have a demo called :Throne of Hatred and Disgust
    sorry for the last comment, but i don’t know what happening with my computer!

    thanks a lot!

  118. Admin Says:

    Hail Noctum, I am looking for Godüs still but I didn’t find it bro, sorry for this.

  119. Admin Says:

    Hail Endless Solitude.Nevermind, always computers sucks.Thanks for your kindness, I am looking for “I am the catacombs” album of Godüs.If you wanna help try to find this.and also it will be good for Noctum.löl.

  120. Noctum 218 Says:

    Yes that will be great! lol

  121. Endless Solitude Says:

    i try to find this cd..

  122. Noctum 218 Says:

    ok bro, something also hard Skumring (Ger) – Throne of Hatred and Disgust

  123. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Hey, first of all i will say this is an fantastic site and i will request some of my wants. I really hope you can help me out, i am really dying to hear those albums! The albums are:

    Baal Zebuth (Russia) – 2006 – We Are Sathanas
    Cry Of Silence (Greece) – 2007 – Walking Through the Eternal Tragedy
    White Hunter (UK) – 2005 – Live Off Your Land (Demo)
    Chaos Moon (USA) – 2004 – Chaos Rituals (Demo)
    Chaos Moon (USA) – 2005 – ..And So Are The Words That Never Made It (EP)
    Ampütator (USA) – 2006 – Intolerant Profanatory Domination (Demo)
    Funeral Fog (Canada) & Snowfall (Canada) – 2003 – Winter Falls Over The Northland (Split)
    Snowfall (Canada) – 2003 – Alcoholocaust Promo (Demo)
    Snowfall (Canada) – 2004 – Black Terror Art
    Taarma (Afghanistan) – 2007 – Blades of Despair (Demo)
    Taarma (Afghanistan) – 2007 – Sakraath ul Mauth (Demo)
    Black Arts (Hungary) – Nocturnal Witchcraft (Demo)

    I know some of this is if not impossible damn hard to find!

  124. Endless Solitude Says:

    hey noctum and admin,
    I can’t find the last album of godüs…. i’t so hard…
    My search has not been successful, I regret not being very helpful, but I will continue searching, I hope to have luck!

    hailz brothers!

  125. Admin Says:

    Hail Predator,

    Hail DeathgateArkanum,
    I hope, we will complete your wanted list together bro.Also you can follow the links.
    and I have Black Terror Art album of Snowfall but one track is missing that named “Forest of Eld Missing”.So I didn’t upload it.

    Hail Endless Solitude,
    Thanks for your effort.You know, many albums are rare like this.

  126. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Thank you so much for this uploads, you have no idea how much i appreciate this! Cheers

  127. Endless Solitude Says:

    i have another request:
    Skumring (Ger) – Throne of Hatred and Disgust

    take care friend!

  128. Necron Says:

    Numinous -Enormity Of Evil Divine
    Demo 2003
    Northern Heritage

  129. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Just one thing.. The Cry of Silence release only includes two songs, on the real deal there is seven!

  130. Noctum 218 Says:

    well somethig easier Nortt – Galgenfrist(2007)

  131. Admin Says:

    Yes I know DeathgateArckanum.Album has not released yet when i posted it here.Tracks are from myspace page of the band.If i catch it, i will post bro.

    I am looking to your request Endless Solitude for every day.I hope we will get it.

    And wanted list on this section;

    15 Years Jubileum Compilation – No Colours Records
    Abhor – Vocat Spiritum Morti – 2004
    Abhor – In Nostrum Maleficium – 2007
    Abitbollus – De Mysteriis Don Camillo – 2003
    Ad Hominem – Theory 0 – 2007
    Ampütator (USA) – Intolerant Profanatory Domination – 2006 – Demo
    Anally Raped by Satan – Dimensions of Horror
    Ariel N’ Caliban – Your Last Minute
    Black Arts (Hungary) – Nocturnal Witchcraft (Demo)
    Chaos Moon (USA) – 2004 – Chaos Rituals (Demo)
    Cry Of Silence (Greece) – 2007 – Walking Through the Eternal Tragedy
    Demonizer – Thrashing Force…Attack – 2003
    Demonizer – The Essence of War – 2005
    Fog – Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres – 2006
    Godüs – Phantomgrave: I am the Catacombs – 2007
    Grabak – Der Prophet Des Chaos – 1999
    Grotte – Solitude – 2006
    Maleficarum (Ita) – Under The Cross – 2002
    Negativity – Dawn of Eternal Darkness – 2006
    Necrogrim – Necrogrim – 2006
    Nortt – Galgenfrist (2007)
    Numinous -Enormity Of Evil Divine – 2003 – Demo
    Rok – Burning Metal – 2001
    Satanizer – Throne Of All Plagues – 2007
    Shadowcraft – A Nightful Of Shadows – 2006 – Demo
    Skumring (Ger) – Throne of Hatred and Disgust
    Snowfall (Canada) – 2003 – Alcoholocaust Promo (Demo)
    Snowfall (Canada) – 2004 – Black Terror Art
    Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatvm–Path to Yirah
    Taarma (Afghanistan) – 2007 – Blades of Despair (Demo)
    Taarma (Afghanistan) – 2007 – Sakraath ul Mauth (Demo)
    Vulture Lord – Deathfuck – 1999
    Vulture Lord – Blasphemy – 2006
    Vulture Lord – Desecration – 2006

  132. Endless Solitude Says:

    my apologies brother!
    Just… I love this band! (you know!)
    I will wait!
    don’t worry!

  133. Admin Says:

    Oh no, don’t apologize please, we find it together.

  134. Admin Says:

    I beheld the spam.sorry Endless Solitude.
    Endless Solitude presents to DeathgateArckanum

    ” hey

    i found this

    Black Arts (Hungary) – Nocturnal Witchcraft (Demo)
    pass: theblackhorde

    nothing more =( ”

    Thanks for this.

  135. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Awesome thanks:)

  136. Erlingr Says:

    Hellfucked – Gods of Negativity
    would be great…

  137. Admin Says:

    Hail Erlingr,

  138. Admin Says:

    don’t use this link please, eighth track is missing.I will upload again.sorry for this.

  139. demigod Says:

    lucifugum albumlerini ar?yorum her yerde ama bulabilmis degilim elinizde varsa ulastirirsaniz cok sevinirim

  140. Admin Says:

  141. Admin Says:

    New link for Hellfucked;

  142. Necron Says:

    How are the things with that Numinous -Enormity of evil divine demo?

  143. Erlingr Says:

    Thanks for the fast upload!

  144. Kruk Says:

    I have problem with akces code to Gorgoroth promo demo 1994

    pls help i need to listen this

  145. Endless Solitude Says:

    hey admin!
    i have a request.

    Jumalhämärä – Slaughter the Messenger (2007)

    take care!

    and i can’t found the others cds

    sorry for this.

  146. Endless Solitude Says:

    oh sorry, I forget one.

    Panchrysia – Malicious Parasite


  147. Admin Says:

    Hail Kruk,
    All rar passwords are;

  148. Admin Says:

    Hail Endless Solitude,

  149. ghaaran Says:

    cant believe my eyes!!!
    true unobtainable albums. please upload these true blasphemous acts:

    Pentagram (Chl)
    vomit orchestra
    Sick (US)
    Taog Susej
    nox intempesta

  150. Admin Says:

    and other one,

  151. Demortuus Says:

    hey admin!

    there’s a easy one: Senseless Trip – Agathocles

    when i see the list of requests i think withme: “this guy will need some help soon…”
    i’m a volunteer

    great work here man

  152. Demortuus Says:

    i forgot…
    Agathocles/SMG split 2007


  153. Noctum 218 Says:

    I got some Avzhia stuff…ill upload it!

  154. Admin Says:

    Hail ghaaran, welcome to the legion.thanks to your words and rarely list.


    Pentagram (Chl);

    Sarcófago; (Tribute) (Bootleg) (Bootleg) (Split)
    And I will upload Warfare Noise Compilation II & III.

    Vomit Orchestra;

    Sick (US);

    Nox Intempesta;


    Hail Demortuus;

    And I got Dimensions of Horror album of Anally Raped by Satan and uploaded.It contains 4 tracks (Hellhounds On Your Heels,Fucked In Half, Yeast Infection, Seasoned To Eat) but I don’t know this is true and full.You can follow the link;
    If it is true, I will post it on the database.Please reply.

    Actually I need to help for uploading because we are only two guys nowadays.But I have some problems related to page and server.If you wait some days, I will contact.I want to working with you, Noctum and other backers.

  155. ghaaran Says:

    if i find you i would not waste time killing you, youre a beast! why do you do this to us!
    i stop…to find a word to thank but cant…
    i feel being in your legion now.count on me. ill start uploading (just give me time)…

  156. moredays Says:

    atlast southern american black rituals!
    wonderful work done by CHAOS.
    may i have some worthy albums uploaded here?
    Helvete (Aut) – Lucifer´s Almighty Horde,2001
    Obscuration (Nor)-Obscuration Demo, 1996
    Mordor(Switzerland )-Odes

  157. Endless Solitude Says:

    hey admin!
    i have another request!

    Aryan Triumph – Kriegsbrüder (split 2004)

  158. Endless Solitude Says:

    Dank für die letzten Alben!

  159. Rodrigo Says:

    I Brazil! Denial Of God!! Password??

  160. Admin Says:

    Time is yours bro, ghaaran.

    Hail moredays, this is very rare list bro, I will try my chance.

    Hail Rodrigo All rar passwords are or you can follow the Orders.

    Hallo Endless Solitude;

  161. Endless Solitude Says:

    Thanks a lot for the link admin.

    i only want the split but thanks anywhere

    i have another request:

    something about :

    -Thorr´s Hammer
    -Aetherius Obscuritas
    -Thor’s Hammer (NSBM)

  162. alaster crowley Says:

    I need the keys for albunes you ask for mutiilation. tank you
    I expect a prompt response.
    And visit our website!
    Satan will bless

  163. Demortuus Says:

    hey admin

    i really dont know if Anally Raped album is full, i have the same four tracks, but more than one people say to me that is not complete…

    very thanks by the trying man! one more time a very good job here!!!

  164. moredays Says:

    i know this is nearly impossible to have works like lusifer’s almighty horde of helvet(i believe the sample i have of the album stands far more depressive than any other funny suicidal acts). thats why i came here to ask your mercy for a friend told me you’re a god!

  165. Admin Says:

    I am not God but i want to be one, soon.. so worship only the father in Hell.. lol. Maybe we can find. Still searching, moredays.

    to ghaaran,

  166. Admin Says:

    to Endless Solitude;

    Thorr’s Hammer

    Thor’s Hammer

    Aetherius Obscuritas

  167. frost666 Says:

    hey admin
    I`m looking for “EHWASS” this the band name.
    the gener is DEP/BM
    his akbum is :D usza Lasu-2006″
    and also
    the last albums of grimlair 2007-inside

  168. frost666 Says:

    oh I forgot something
    vinterriket “Kontemplative Antagonismen des Augenblicks DVD, 2007 “

  169. ghaaran Says:

    i got “Die_Lieder_von_Tod_und_Ewigkeit “and “de-vermis-mysteriis” on my archive but when yesterday i saw you uploaded damnanus-dominum too i felt im going to have a bleeding. thanx admin

  170. sortsind13 Says:

    what a site.tons of underground albums
    can i have this?
    -under the pagan moon compilation

  171. sortsind13 Says:

    do you have any special suggestion for the fans of depressive blackmetal?(not hypothermia or persecuted kinda shits who are boasting fat a lot

  172. Noctum 218 Says:

    Please bro.Torturium – Black Lunatic Chaos

  173. Demortuus Says:

    hey admin

    please Odal Rune – Odal Rune

    very thanks

  174. Demortuus Says:

    and sortsind13
    i have some suggestions: Trist – Zrcadlení Melancholie, Anti – The Insignificance of Life and Moevot – Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà
    all downloadble here

    hope that you like

  175. Admin Says:

    Hola again, firstly thanks to all fucking rare requests.löl.

    You have a poetic soul ghaaran.I admire you.just get them and enjoy bro.

    Welcome to the legion sortsind.You can hear Demortuus’s suggestions or Ehwass of frost666.Also you can try Dwelling Lifeless of Sterbend, Csendhajnal – Silencedawn of Marblebog, demo of Dysterhet (for a depressive speech),
    but Leviathan’s demos are more depressive for me.I hope I will catch under the pagan moon compilation soon bro.

    Last two albums of Grimlair are not available frost666.sorry for this but you can get other rare albums.

    And this one is for moredays,

    Hail Noctum, where are you mate, we can’t see you nowadays.

  176. sortsind13 Says:

    to MY chaos and Demortuus, yeah, all of these are good but anti and strebent are so simple, Leviathan and Xasthur are trying to sound depressive and succeded most.i listen to all of these ,just want something new in the vein of cryfemal’s 007 huge agony or Sortsind’s Vanvid(the most depressive piece of music man thought of!)or nuit noire.
    i believe Moevot is the right suggestion! thanks Demortuus,seems your into depressive stuff,
    im abroad these days,ill upload Sorcier des glaces,Anathema(sgp),Sortsind and other depressive acts so that i could return your kindness,you,chaos,exclamation… by the way im going o try Zrcadlení Melancholie, my honour to have friends like you.

  177. sortsind13 Says:

    fuck! i tried most of moevot works but “Ézléýfbdréhtr Vépréùb Zùérfl Màzàgvàtre Érbbédréà”
    thats it!!!! wonderful .reminds me of AGHAST

  178. sortsind13 Says:

    i hope im not puing you in trouble with these: its too much to ask but thanks.
    1)Ohtar_the empire of white power
    2)Oblivion (Ger) – Just a Black Shadow
    3)Raven (Fin) – Alone In The Mist
    4)Wanderer (Fin) – Surrounded By These Firs
    5)Wintermoon (Fin) – The Mightiest Stand above

    im just listining to ghaaran’s sugesstion Avzhia’s the key to the throne, cant believe Mexico has such elites! so here coms another request:
    6)Avzhia – Dark Emperors
    thanx admin

  179. Noctum 218 Says:

    Fine bro, good to see you remeber me, well i am looking for some rare albums…here is the list:

    -Arsonist Lodge–Lihaa Pedolle
    -Nightside (Fin)–The End Of Christianity
    -Annihilatus–Blood And War

    And Anything of Anubi


  180. Noctum 218 Says:

    And by the way sortsind13 why dont you believe that? just listen to Hacavitz stuff or Andramelech stuff (hehe).

  181. Admin Says:

    old one for Noctum
    I am getting Arsonist Lodge and Annihilatus now.

    I downloaded Dark Emperors album of Avzhia many times when I posted other releases of the band and I got it again by different source.All sources include 7 tracks.Oka now, I hope this is correct.

    and here are other rare albums;

  182. Predator Says:

    Hi, please add some Revenge(Can) stuff.

  183. Noctum 218 Says:

    Tairach-Demo 1999

  184. Admin Says:

    It’s on database bro,

  185. Demortuus Says:

    no problem sortsind13, all here like the same way of music
    i have a solo project called Macabre Operetta, the main influence is Moevot
    i had released a demo this year, but i dont like it, so im working hard to do better music
    when its gone ready i will upload

    hails from Brazil

    admin: the demo of Anally Raped by Satan is complete with the 4 songs, i had receive the information this week, thanks by the upload

  186. Noctum 218 Says:

    Ohhh sorry, hehe one very strange
    Fleurety–A Darker Shade Of Evil
    Fleurety–Min Tid Skal Komme

  187. Endless Solitude Says:

    heil admin.
    thanks for the last upload.
    You found something about skumring(ger)?


  188. sortsind13 Says:

    hail Noctum 218,im a fan of south american blackmetal, happy to listen to rare work of their 90′s.
    hail Demortuus’i cant wait to hear your mourning, by the way i have something on my mind to do such projects,maybe we share our mourn in the future,
    and the most importand thing is that im confused with link admin provided me, raven ! wandere! hail admin

  189. Admin Says:

    Hail Demortuus, thanks to information about Anally Raped by Satan.We are waiting your new release and I am still searcing Odal Rune.

    I didn’t find Endless Solitude, but I am trying.It is really rare album like other requests.

    Hail Predator, some Revenge (Can) stuff;

    to Noctum;



    Arsonist Lodge

    and finally Under the Pagan Moon for sortsind;

  190. sortsind Says:

    i wouldnt forget this! thanks lot chaos

  191. sortsind Says:

    what a taste ! Strid-strid 2007 is a big gift to the underground grief.

  192. Noctum 218 Says:

    Wow all my resquests done! I am going to download all this stuff before request more, thanks a lot brother.

  193. metal_x Says:

    thank you

  194. Admin Says:

    East Side: who gave you the permission to put Eldrig ‘Everlasting War Divinity’ album on your site??? either we and the creator of the music (the owners of the copyrights for this material) DEMAND to put that material out of your site! you may rip off your jewish friends if you want, but put your greedy hands off our stuff! and here is the link to the material I’m talking about. [link]

    @East Side: calm down dude. im sure the jews we ripped off could be more gently while asking to “put our hands off their stuff”. anyway we deleted yr ns blinky album. and i hope you can show your delicacy on other metal sharing sites. we don’t care the album is here or not. anyone who want to find, can find it.

  195. Noctum 218 Says:

    Löl what an idiot, you know metal is most of cases full of bullshit.
    Fuck Eldrig!

  196. Demortuus Says:

    hi again guys
    because my net is so slow i will upload on the next week my demo. but i advert yourselves: the demo is terrible! only after the release (10 copies only) i have this decision. the next demo is very more worked on. very thanks by the site again admin. sortsind, create your musics guy, im very interested to listen them soon

    thanks to all who contribute here, heils from Brazil

  197. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Hail! Thanks for all the help Admin! I have a new one for you!

    Würm (Can) & Grim Winter (Can) – 2006 – Suicide Pact (Split)

  198. Admin Says:

    Hail again DeathgateArkanum;

  199. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Thanks a lot:)

  200. Admin Says:

    to ghaaran, if you are still here.

  201. ghaaran Says:

    Slowly Sinking
    Through Dark Waters
    …Blinded By The Rage
    And Tripped In CHAOS
    Running Into Walls

  202. End All Life Says:

    wow! whats going on here?
    Svest – Coagula (L’Ether du Diable)
    if… thanx

  203. Admin Says:

    Hail End All Life,

  204. Sortsind Says:

    today i have no request! as a mather of fact im to listen to what have been given to me! this site was a turning point in my metal age!
    hail! hail! hail!

  205. Admin Says:

    Hail to you bro,
    to be continued on the same way, get them, enjoy or die!

  206. Morgoth Says:

    Hello, I see you’re uploading many CD’s , you’re site is great !!! Thanks a lot !

    Can I ask you :
    - Souvenirs d’un autre monde – Alcest
    - Sons of Northern Darkness – Immortal
    - Twilight – Twilight ( This one is a masterpiece I think, you can listen to ” Beyond Light ” on You Tube
    - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk – Emperor

    if you can upload that, you’re my God =)

  207. Demortuus Says:

    heil warriors

    please admin Emit – The Dark Bleeding

  208. frost666 Says:

    dude i sent you a message last week. I requested “EHWASS” but you`ve not answerd me yet
    wat`s wrong?

  209. Admin Says:

    Hail to Brazil,

    Hail Morgoth,

    Hail frost666, I try to reply each message on this section.

    Quote from
    November 26th, 2007 at 8:10 am

    hey admin
    I`m looking for “EHWASS” this the band name.
    the gener is DEP/BM
    his akbum is :D usza Lasu-2006?
    and also
    the last albums of grimlair 2007-inside

    November 26th, 2007 at 8:12 am

    oh I forgot something
    vinterriket “Kontemplative Antagonismen des Augenblicks DVD, 2007 “”

    Quote from
    November 27th, 2007 at 8:42 am

    Last two albums of Grimlair are not available frost666.sorry for this but you can get other rare albums.

  210. Morgoth Says:

    I can’t believe it Oo, You got them in one day !!!! you’re my God, Ho sorry my Satan

    Thanks a lot, I’ll watch if I have any others albums’ idea =)

    Hail Mein Fürer !

  211. frost666 Says:

    thanx alot admin

  212. frost666 Says:

    and also I have lot of dep stuff,but according to Demortuus`s suggestion like trist,movoet and…
    but I think the best dep band now adays is nyktalgia.that`s fucking awesome.
    after that “inferi,wigrid,wedard,anti”
    that`s my idea
    again thanx alot admin

  213. bloodyglasspuppet Says:

    I would really like to see the album Mortal Entrenchment In Requiem by Malvery on this page…
    I can only find versions with a low bitrate on the net…

  214. Noctum 218 Says:

    Well bro today i request No colours stuff.

    Alastor -”Noble North”
    Orenda–Back in the Grave


  215. LokiGoddess Says:

    Please, upload Gotos-Antichristus (2006) by Mountain King

  216. Endless Solitude Says:

    Hey admin!

    i come back again!

    Can you find something about Haatstrijd ,Infinity and Suicide solution?

    Thanks a lot!

    I hope my request doesn’t bother you xD

    Take care friend!

  217. frost666 Says:

    HI admin
    may you give me list of depressive black metal bands?

  218. Noctum 218 Says:

    Also if you can Vorgrow (Venezuela)–Black Metal is Elitism
    and anything of Ossein.

  219. Morgoth Says:

    Can you upload ” Songs to Leave ” of Forgotten Tomb ? It will be great !!! =)

  220. Noctum 218 Says:

    Heheh and something else (it maybe can be classified in “other shits”) .
    Nucleus Torn-Nihil

  221. TONYMAN Says:

    Hello Admin
    I got a hard one, Ravenclaw – Conspiracy Against Christianity
    I haven’t been able to find it at all :[

  222. Noctum 218 Says:

    and Rift–Eyes Of The Basilisk 2006

  223. Morgoth Says:

    Ho I forgot ” Songs to Leave ” of Forgotten Tomb, please can you uplaod it ?
    It’s a great album !

  224. despoilment Says:

    Hey I’m looking for Warmarch – The Declaration. Published under Dissident Records, 2007. Any help would be greatly appreciated. \m/

  225. Demortuus Says:

    very thanks one more time admin. this time for Emit

  226. frost666 Says:

    admin I need this albums:
    vinterriket -Eiszwielicht ep 2008

  227. Tushmeister Says:

    Any chance of Hexenkreis’ ‘Le Paix Se Mert,… Le Pais est Morte’?

    That and ‘Sredokresie’ and ‘Winter Woods’ by Tumulus?

    Thanks a bunch simply for trying :) Good luck in finding them too! Hail!!

  228. Tushmeister Says:

    Sorry, it’s ‘Le Paix se Meurt…Le Paix est Morte’

  229. Lord Of Terror Says:

    Hail! I’m looking for Tangorodrim’s albums “Unholy Metal Way” , “Those Who Unleashed” and “Unholy And Unlimited”. It would be great if you can help me.

  230. Xantro Says:

    Looking for MCD “Irrlycht – Irrlycht” and album “Brocken Moon – Mondfinsternis”. You have something for me?

  231. Morgoth Says:

    Hey some file like the albums of Todtgelichter have been deleted, can you do something ?
    I’d really like to have those albums =)

    thanks !

  232. Tushmeister Says:

    And a second sorry, I’ve managed to find Hexenkreis after 6 months of searching! Would still be massively thankful if you could try and find Tumulus however, hail!

  233. Admin Says:

    Firstly i want to apologize for space, i was fighting against the fucking life but i tried to get some stuffs.I see new faces, welcome to all.Hail again!

    ghaaran, bro, I didn’t publish your comment.We talk about this title.I will write you.

    bloodyglasspuppet, try it please,

    frost666, I sent a mail to you that it includes a huge list of depressive bands.Eiszwielicht of Vinterriket isn’t available, sorry for this.

    thanks Demortuus, hail to Brazil!

    you can find now here TONYMAN;

    Morgoth, I updated the links for Todtgelichter, these are your requests;…_-_2005.rar

    other rare goes to despoilment;

    nop Tushmeister; you can get some Tumulus stuffs;…_La_Paix_est_Morte_-_2004.rar

    Lord of Terror, I got Those who Unleashed of Tongorodrim but i guess i will find others too.

    and to Xantro;

    Hi Endless Solitude, welcome again, I have some stuffs for you;

    Hail Noctum, thanks to help for other shits bro.Your choice is really other shits.löl.

    I am so sorry Loki Goddess, i didn’t find your album but i will are unlucky of the week.

    but I have surprises for lucky of the week, catch them ghaaran;

  234. Tushmeister Says:

    Admin you are a God. And I mean that entirely, I’ve not even come close to finding these albums, and I’m considered quite the e-pirate!

    MASSIVE Hails to you, I will probably be back with more requests, but for now, my eternal thanks. HAIL HAIL!

  235. Lord Of Terror Says:

    Thanks a lot Admin for a link to Tangorodrims “Those Who Unleashed” :) So I wait for other two albums I mentioned. Hails from Poland ;)

  236. Morgoth Says:

    I think we all miss you =)
    Sorry to say that, but there is a server problem for ” Songs to Leave ” of Forgotten Tomb
    Please is it possible to resolve that problem ?

    But anyway thanks a lot for Todtgelichter ! Hail !

  237. Morgoth Says:

    There is no problem anymore ! Sorry for trouble … Hail !

  238. Xantro Says:

    Hail Admin,
    thank you for the both albums. I just found the new Album of “Endstille” in the archive so I uploaded the older ones, here you are:

    The password is as usual Enjoy the music!

    And I’m also looking for the album “Reflection Of A Bleak Mind” of the Band “Blutklinge”. Would be freat if you can organize it.
    Thank you.
    Hail Metal

  239. Endless Solitude Says:

    Really thanks admin!
    Can i help you with some stuffs?
    Take care!

  240. despoilment Says:

    My favorite blog ever!!!! I want to have your babies Admin! \m/

  241. TONYMAN Says:

    My search is over! Admin, you’re amazing. :]

  242. Noctum 218 Says:

    Thanks for the stuff bro.
    Now If you can Nihilistic Kaos – Les homélies du vice ..or anything of this band.

  243. Noctum 218 Says:

    I know this is difficult, but i hope…

    Singur Fiinta – Ofraie dans la foret vierge

  244. Endless Solitude Says:

    hey admin,
    i have ahother request!

    Variuos Artist – VORWÄRTS, SOLDAT!

  245. Demortuus Says:

    Admin – The God of Rare Albuns

    Hail Admin!!!
    man, im on search of: Fleurety – Black Snow

    very thanks again man
    Hails of Brazil!!!

    and admin, i have a question: where are you from?

  246. TONYMAN Says:

    Hails again Chaos!, I was wondering if you could upload any of the following:
    Summon – Fire Turns Everything… Black
    and anything from Revenge (Canada)
    Thanks in advance! :]

  247. bloodyglasspuppet Says:

    Many thanks for answering my request!!(i was looking for Malvery…)
    Brilliant site!

  248. ghaaran Says:

    i thought you’d for sure forget to… hail

  249. Morgoth Says:

    Can you upload some albums from :
    - Satus
    - Tomb of …
    - Frozen Glare
    - Shadowcraft
    - Sapthuran

    Thanks ‘ Admin

  250. Admin Says:

    Thanks to all words from you.

    I got two albums from Nihilistic Kaos but i didn’t find Singur Fiinta.I am sorry bro.I will try.

    this one is for Demortuus;
    Hail to Brazil.We are only two guys from Turkey.

    and I am still searching other requests.

  251. Tushmeister Says:

    Sorry to be back so soon, I feel almost guilty asking so much of you! But is there any chance of any of these;

    -Magic Spellcraft
    -Son of Solstice
    -Infection Putrefaction
    Elenium (Fin)
    -Caught In A Wheel
    -For Giving-For Getting
    -Golden Age
    -Haunted Shores
    -In The Raven’s Shadow
    -Where Ravens Fly
    Mystic Forest
    -Green Hell…
    -Waltz In The Midst Of Trees
    -Welcome Back In the Forest

    I don’t expect them all, but any would do :) Thank you again, so much!

    Hails from the UK!

  252. Admin Says:

    mirror link for Forgotten Tomb;

  253. ALEMSAHIM Says:

    hailzzzz i was wandering mmm

    can get this true black metal bands :

    azamoth (israel)




    am mondesschatten

    forest silence

    infernal hailssssss

  254. frost666 Says:

    hey admin
    dude i`m looking for these:
    Pohakka – Minä kävelen vetten päällä… – 1997 – Demo
    Ravenblood – Rehearsal – 2001
    Valak – From the Gloomy Sky – 2003 – Demo

  255. ALEMSAHIM Says:


    Impending Doom(GERMANY)
    Moon Lighting Hell
    filli nigrantium infernalium
    the true veles

  256. Admin Says:

    Hail Morgoth;…_-_…The_Rotting_Break_-_2005_-_Demo.rar (by Exclamation)

    I hope, I will get something from Satus and Frozen Glare soon, these are really rare stuffs bro, i will try…

    Hail to UK, Tushmeister;…_-_1999.rar

    Hail again frost666;…_-_1997_-_Demo.rar

    Hail ALEMSAHIM, firstly thanks to huge list, I got something for you, There is a band that named Malus (not Mallus), I hope it is true bro.If it is not pls write something.

    and I saw ur 2nd list yet.I will try to get some stuffs for tomorrow.

  257. Drynwhyll Says:

    please I want this album, if someone will have post here please

  258. Tushmeister Says:

    Admin, if ever I get the chance, can I marry you?
    You are Godly! MASSIVE Hails to you, absolutely massive! You’ve made my year!

  259. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Hey Admin! First of all i wil say thanks for last time you helped me out with some nice releases! I need your help agaign and will as always appreciate your effort:)

    Gormantatinus (S. Kor) – 2003 – Hoataamcradiu (DEMO)
    Gormantatinus (S. Kor) – 2004 – Sersavina Decan, Anden Plaust (DEMO)
    Gormantatinus (S. Kor) – 2005 – Svena Hyksk (DEMO)
    Infinite Hatred (S. Kor) – 2004 – Verhasstes Schweigen (DEMO)
    Infinite Hatred (S. Kor) – 2006 – Hateful Spell (FULL LENGTH)
    Wolven Howl (S. Kor) – 2004 – Wolf of Blackdeath (DEMO)

  260. morgan Says:

    Wyrd/Haeive/Kehrae-2007 split.please!.. broken link!..

  261. Morgoth Says:

    Thanks for the albums, but can you upload other albums from ” Tomb of… ” and ” Odium ”
    They make very special music and I love it ! Please =)

  262. Demortuus Says:

    hail admin!

    im on the same search of: XIII
    any album, Drynwhyll is searching for years and im curious

    very thanks again man

  263. shammael Says:

    Hi everyone, does someone have this album: XIII (iceland) ”salt”.

  264. J.A, Kether A.L. Says:

    I Need, Zweizz, a friend of mine says is very good.
    Thank You if you can find.

  265. Morght Says:

    I’m looking these Vinterriket releases, would be nice if you could upload them.

    Vinterriket – Wege in die Vergangenheit 2007
    Vinterriket – …durch neblige Wälder 2007
    Vinterriket – Kälte, Schnee Und Eis – Rekapitulation Der Winterszeit 2007

  266. TONYMAN Says:

    Hails Admin, sorry to bother you so soon but the suspense is killing me.
    I’m wondering if it is possible for you to upload:
    Summon – Fire Turn Everything… Black
    and any albums from Revenge (Canada)

  267. Noctum218 Says:

    Hey Tonyman Revenge Albums are on Database bro.

  268. TONYMAN Says:

    Oh damn, Thanks Noctum, I’m so blind… I was looking but I guess I didn’t look hard enough haha
    well in any case I haven’t been able to find Summon – Fire Turns Everything… Black
    I’d really appreciate it :]

  269. Admin Says:

    Hail again, firstly I say that I am trying for each request on this section.But you know, some stuffs are hard to find.

    Now, I want to apologize from J.A, Kether A.L, Drynwhyll & shammael. XIII and Zweizz are awesome fucking rare bands, i am searching for days but I didn’t find them.

    Morght, bro I am uploading to each stuff of Vinterriket, if i can find.these are so new and unavaliable.

    and TONYMAN, I sent message to some friends for Summon and i am waiting a sign from them.I hope i will find it soon.

    Also i will try permanently for all rare albums.

    morgan, here is new link for Wyrd/Haeive/Kehrae-2007;

    Morgoth, I didn’t find Odium, the band is very rare like XIII but you can get these;…_-_…Those_Dismal_Moments_-_2007_-_Demo.rar…_-_…The_Feeling_Of_Becoming_-_2005_-_Demo.rar…___For_t_Morte_-_…Those_Dismal_Moments-_2005.rar

    Welcome again DeathgateArkanum, I got some stuffs, Also there is a link for Cry of Silence as full;

    All of these are for you.

    Cultus Sanguine


    Dead Christ



    Filii Nigrantium Infernalium…Sodoma_Em_Ascens_o_-_2002.rar




    Impending Doom

    Infinite Hatred

    Into Dagorlad


    Pestilential Shadows

    Theatre of the Macabre


  270. Predator Says:

    Hail, I’m looking for some Nocturnal Breed releases.
    The “Raping Europe” and the “Motörmouth” EPs and the first 3 Full-Length albums.

  271. morgan Says:


  272. hamze Says:

    I think you’re goin to give me a hard time uploading these …
    Gotmoor-Pain Provider
    Von-Satanic Blood 92
    Evoken-A Caress Of The Void 2007
    Mork Minnesmerke
    Quest (Fra) – 1)Cleansing 2)Quest
    Zmijevik – Vz vanie D monov Zimy
    Zhatsaraeth – Resurrection Of Evil
    Zephyrous _ Entrance and Wandering on the seven

  273. Predator Says:

    Oh, and the “Victims” EP bei Hate (Pol) :)

  274. Dodheim lover Says:

    pls give me pass for Diagnose: Lebensgefahr – Transformalin
    thanx you very much !!

  275. ghaaran Says:

    hi,thanx for your attention; sad to say i live in iran;where internet speed sucks,so does my english.anyway i fail to have the honor of helping you with uploading some rare stuffs, i even spend lots of hours to download what comes from your majesty! im not cheating you! you will always remain in my memory,by the way today i see you uploaded SORTSIND, the most savage music i ever heard, now make a change ,kill yourselves all the fans of suicidal music. i will not feel ashamed to ask you some buried masterpieces? here it comes.
    Blazemth – Fatherland
    Pervertum – Creature of Ungod
    Tormentor (Hun) – The Seventh Day of Doom
    peste noire – Phalènes et Pestilence – Salvatrice Averse
    Zahgurim (US) – Mashtishaddu
    Skepticism – Farmakon Full-length, 2003
    Oblivion (Ger)-Just a Black Shadow Demo, 1993
    Amenophis Dusk
    Sacrament (Ukr) – Dynasty Of Diabolism
    Raventale(Ukr)Kamo Gryadeshi-Bozhestvennyh Rukah Demo, 1999
    Aberrancy-Kill The People
    Vermis Mysteriis(Ukr)

  276. Predator Says:

    @Dodheim lover

    All rar passwords are :

  277. Lord Of Terror Says:

    I’m still looking for Tangorodrim’s “Unholy Metal Way” and “Unholy And Unlimited” albums.Could anyone help me? Thanks for any response to my request. Hails

  278. DeathgateArkanum Says:

    Hail admin! Thanks for the Korean raritys, i managed to get the CoF while ago;) But it is a nice add to the site anyway, an excellent release:) keep up the good work!

  279. Admin Says:

    Thanks again to all requests that asked by you, I got some stuffs and I hope, you dirty to ears with these.Also please be patient for the fucking rarely stuffs…

    here is last release of Zweizz and I will bury it to Ambient.Because it is an electronic item completely.get it J.A, Kether A.L.;

    Lord Of Terror, other album of Tangorodrim for you;

    some Nocturnal Breed stuffs with Victims from Hate.Predator, choice and get them man;…_No_Surrender_-_1998.rar

    Hail hamze, welcome, you can get these;

    and ghaaran, firstly thanks to your words, we are neighbour man.löl.don’t worry I believe you.I have many friends from Middle East (from Afghanistan, Pakistan etc), so I know that how much the connection is trouble there.Good friends are helping me like Noctum, Endless Solitude and Demortuus.If someday you want to help, just say the time, it is not problem for us.just enjoy bro.your all requests are honour, and feel free to ask something.Hail to Iran!
    Soon, I will add an album from Vermis Mysteriis.

  280. Admin Says:

    Predator, please don’t use the link for Nocturnal Breed – The Remasters (Promo) – 2005, there are 2 missing tracks, i am so sorry and i will upload again soon.

  281. ghaaran Says:

    i wish there where less mediocre requestes from my friends here,i hope im not insulting thier taste.i mean the albums uploaded by you are truely rare and worthy to give a life for! i wonder why people come here to take your time and ask you to upload albums of Nocturnal Breed when their all stuffs would easily be found in every supermark. By the way where are from my friend? what are your favourate bands, and are you doing this to all us? cant find words to expres myself seing that an album like “kill the people” of aberrancy have been uploaded by you in less that 48 hours!
    Are you going to expand the job to other fields? i mean any forum? reveiw of albums? or what…

  282. Lord Of Terror Says:

    Thanks a lot bro :) So I’m waiting for “Unholy And Unlimited” ;) Hails!

  283. alemsahim Says:

    a request of some great south american black metal bands…




  284. PanSe Says:

    I am looking for the Aaskereia Live CD…

  285. Predator Says:

    Hell yeah! Thanks a lot!!

  286. Admin Says:

    Hi Panse, this one is very hard and mega limited album, I hope, someday we obtain it.

    Welcome again Alemsahim, I found an album from Manitu;

    Nevermind ghaaran, everyone has different tastes.We had a forum about 2 months ago, It was to create another sharing zone, advertise the bands etc.. But we was new on this stage and it didn’t, then we cancelled it.By the way I can activate the memberships, so you can write review for each album.If we activate it, some database problems are welcome because we have a cheap server.It is possible with some money, to use a better server.You know some metal sites want to pay or donate from the members for their future, fuck! I want that just to do some true things for this mind.Anyway bro I hope, everything will be better for us.Also you can get a delicious album of Vermis Mysteriis;

    Hail to you all!!!

  287. Tushmeister Says:

    Ghaaran, I have to disagree, in the UK you can’t find ANY black metal in the shops, there’s one or two Death bands (bands like Nile etc) but otherwise the black/death metal scene is non-existant here. I didn’t ask for Nocturnal Breed, and I don’t mean to be rude, I’ve no problem with you and see your point. It’s just, you can’t find them in every country, I don’t think any album hosted on this site can be found in ANY nearby shops, and in many cases on other websites (and why would we use those, forevermetal kicks ass!)

    While I’m here Admin, a relatively uninteresting request, Warnaments by Torchbearer, I can only ever find broken downloads :(

    Hails to you Admin, and to you Ghaaran!

  288. South Winds Says:

    Heah. looking forward to see the beasts”OBSCURE MIND”
    Im in one with you ghaaran! the ADMIN has a big soul and gives parts of it to us.I have been getting along for about 2 mounths with this page,your requests are heart-rendering masterpieces but i wish some of us open the unknown books of mysterious black art whose authors have been forgotten trough mist of time and just cut to the chase.
    Cold Void (Vnm)- only one album is enough,huh
    Thou Shall Fall – The Path Of Memories EP, 2006
    Stratuz-Ruinas del Alma or 93 live
    Resistencia(Ven)-Hecho en Venezuela
    Noxious (Ven)-In Nomine…/Grotesque Death Split, 1993
    V8 (Arg)-Luchando por el Metal
    Arkangel (Ven)-Arkangel Full-length, 1981
    Misery (Che) – Tormented Soul ; Burning Alive
    Vothana(Vnm) – Tiéng Goi Lính Vào Chien Tranh Demo, 2003
    Demo 2 Demo, 2004
    or any of the band’s
    Chthonic – Seediq Bale
    Malvoisie – FunebruM / Malvoisie
    Sounds long but not enough, it has more to say,
    hails from south walds

  289. Deinos Says:

    C’est La Vie Mon Amour by Oh, My Regrets…
    They are a post metal/shoegaze/doom band from Brazil.
    I’d appreciate it >_

  290. Deinos Says:

    Here’s a page to show what I was talking about.

  291. Ghaaran Says:

    I admit i was rude,and am sorry for that post! You’re right and hails to UK,the cradle of metal!The land of AINSHVAL and BASILISK.
    By the way im ready to donate! just dont know how,for i am living in iran,fuck. If you have a way in mind jut tell me and i will help the site .
    Hail to all of you!

  292. Admin Says:

    Tushmeister’s request is ok.

    Deinos, I am still searching man…

    Welcome, Soul is yours that accursed by South Winds.thanks for the metal pioneers of south.They are so good to listen and to feel some true melodies.Here are some stuffs;
    and I got Demo IV of Vothana and uploaded it, but the Outro is missing.If you want to get it;

    Hail to you all!

  293. Admin Says:

    Ghaaran, Thanks to your delicacy about donate, but i don’t this bro. Soon we will be under construction.May be after new year, we can activate the memberships or can manage these to help us.

  294. South Winds Says:

    Count on me too!

  295. Admin Says:

    definitely, everyone is welcome, just wait a sign.I will contact with you.

  296. Deinos Says:

    Thanks man

  297. gazebo Says:

    I’m searching for Karkadan’s Utmost Schizophrenia.

  298. Admin Says:

    Hi gazebo;

  299. gazebo Says:


  300. Xantro Says:

    Hail Admin,

    I don’t know whether you didn’t read my request or not found it but here is it again:
    Blutklineg – Reflection Of A Bleak Mind

    I’m also looking for some new music, can you recommend some Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal bands to me?

  301. Admin Says:

    I didn’t forget man, it is so new and in my wanted list.You can try the albums that uploaded by Exclamation.There are some depressive stuffs, may be you like.Also if you want to find some new bands, there is a list of depressive bands that prepared by Nedtrykthet from Slovenia and I added something;

    Arc Fatalis
    Argonautica (Zaf)
    Astral Descent
    Black Coma
    Cause of Death: Suicide
    Decayed Forest
    Desolation Depression
    Dry Spell
    Élan (US)
    Embraced by Death
    Eon Project
    Espials von Lethe
    Extreme Ambience
    Faceless and Descending
    Faustus (Swe)
    Fortian Greymorning
    Gloomy Embody Abysmal
    Halo of the Sun
    Hanged by Neck
    Harrowing Forest
    Hólókaust 2001
    In Cursed Obsession
    Leben Des Todes
    Lifeless Sorrow
    Mooncult Suicide
    Morgen Mist
    Odium Perpetuum
    Plague of Sorrow
    Profondis Requiem
    Rise of Submission
    Semper Mors
    Spektrum Synistry
    The Third of the Storms

  302. Xantro Says:

    After posting my request again, I saw that the album of Blutklinge was released today. I’m looking forward to have it. And thanks a lot for the list.